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PNW Vintage Postage

PNW Vintage Postage

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Add a little spice to your next birthday, Mother’s Day, or “just thinking of you” card with these PNW vintage stamp sets! These are perfect for proud Pacific Northwesterners, Seattlites, or to send to someone who wishes they were there.

What is vintage postage?

Vintage postage is just a fancy way of referring to stamps that you can’t buy at the post office anymore, but are still usable. All of the stamps I’ve curated for you are guaranteed “new” and unused!

How do I use vintage postage?

The same way you do regular postage! Make sure all the postage values add up to 58¢ — which is the current rate to mail a 1 oz. piece of mail, a.k.a. a greeting card. Each pack of stamps I’ve curated for you will mail one, three, or five individual greeting cards/1 oz. letters.

How do I attach the stamps to my envelope?

Not all vintage postage is created equally! Some stamps are stickers while others will need glue, moisture or a good ol’ fashioned lick to activate the adhesive.


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