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Mailing Template

Mailing Template

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The Mailing Template has arrived! 

Stationers: this is your new BFF! Save yourself some headache (and a trip to the post office) with this amazing new tool created for stationers, by a stationer (me!)

I developed the Mailing Template because I was SO OVER guessing whether an invitation would be too thick to mail First Class, or driving to my local P.O. a bajillion times. Talk about a waste of time!

This tool may look simple, but it’s so mighty it may even do your taxes for you (not really, but it WILL save you oodles of time, and time = $ so it’s kinda the same thing, right?)

With the Mailing Template, you can:

  • Quickly and easily determine First Class Mail eligibility
  • Measure envelope thickness using the pass-through envelope slot (if it fits, it ships First Class! *usually)
  • Use the included standard envelope sizes for letter rate mailings
  • Place envelopes on top of or behind the template to measure the size – yay for clear acrylic!
  • And so much more!


  • If you're familiar with my enamel pin grading, you know that "standard/A Grade" is as close to perfect as you can get.
  • B Grade will may have acrylic imperfections such as a scratch, nick, or spots in the acrylic.
  • They are still 100% usable and none of these imperfections will impair you from using them, so they are offered at a discounted rate.


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